Speaking at SXSW 2017

I’ve been invited by Oculus to speak at SXSW 2017 on the panel Nonprofits Get the Keys to the VR Kingdom. Come learn about VR as a tool for empathy and connection and our work in the VR for Good by Oculus program.

[Update: the panel was a great success! I’ve updated this post with a photo taken by Reel FX.]

More about our panel:

Virtual Reality has been touted as the ultimate empathy engine, immersing viewers in experiences that can open their eyes and create personalized memories for important causes. To widen the reach of this unique immersive technology to deserving nonprofits, Oculus has created the “VR for Good” workshop that pairs budding filmmakers with veteran VR talent to craft powerful storytelling pieces for a variety of featured charities and causes. Participants in the inaugural launch of this program will discuss their process in collaborating with these nonprofits and how the program combats the pitfalls that worthy causes often face with innovative marketing approaches.