Vivid Story is now a New York WBE

My company Vivid Story has achieved New York Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification! We’re happy to get this certification to recognize our status as a women-owned business through their rigorous application process.

shannon speaking at oculus connect 4

Speaking at Oculus Connect 4

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at Facebook’s Oculus Connect 4, the annual developer conference in San Jose, CA. I’ll be giving a lighting talk in their diversity lounge about the making of my VR project Women on the Move, and the project will be demoed alongside my presentation.

More about Oculus Connect 4:
OC4 is the place to explore groundbreaking new VR applications and technology that capture the world’s imagination and push the industry forward.

Update: Attending the conference was incredibly fun and I’m bursting with ideas and inspiration for future projects! I’ve updated this post with a photo from my talk.



Yesterday, my boyfriend of five years and I eloped! Our ceremony was lovely and intimate, and took place on the Greenpoint pier overlooking the city skyline nearby where we live.

We exchanged vows, and said yes – to love and creating a more beautiful world with each other. Photos by Quyn Duong.

Membership at NEW INC

NEW INC is the first museum-led cultural incubator dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology. I’ve been accepted membership to their year-long program, where I intend to expand my company’s output in immersive media creation for social impact. I’m excited to join this group of intrepid creative practitioners to make powerful work.

Photo Aug 19, 9 35 41 AM

Rapid Prototyping Scrimmage at StartingBloc

I returned to my beloved StartingBloc at their NY’17 Institute this past week! My company Vivid Story was invited to participate as a local partner in their rapid prototyping scrimmage administered by the progressive recruiting firm ReWork. We learned about Design Thinking, and had over two dozen fellows test ideas with us about visual solutions to inspire action around climate change.

NY’17 Fellow Christophe Jospe wrote a wonderful blog post of 10 Takeaways from his experience at the institute, including insights from Seth Godin and learnings about Design Thinking.

Spoke at Columbia University Class

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at Marcia Stepanek’s Columbia University nonprofit communications class. We discussed how virtual reality can be used within broader change narratives to create a deeper sense of presence and ignite action, and I showed the students my recent work.


Oculus Creator’s Lab Advisor

Oculus Creator’s Lab is back for the second year. I am honored to be selected as an Advisor to this wonderful program pairing filmmakers to nonprofits to create empathy and meaningful action.

Learn more about this year’s program on the Oculus Blog.

Interview with Vimeo

The popular video hosting website Vimeo recently invited me into their headquarters in NYC, where they interviewed me about my work and experiences to inspire their creator community. Grateful for the opportunity to speak about my work focused on social justice issues and experiences with filming in 360-degree video/virtual reality.

Watch the interview »

Women on the Move is now Online!

2017 Skoll World Forum

Women on the Move at Skoll World Forum

My recent virtual reality project Women on the Move is…on the move! In addition to exhibition at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference and Atlanta Film Festival this upcoming week, it will be exhibited at the Skoll World Forum, April 4-7 in Oxford, UK. I will also be attending as a speaker and giving a masterclass with my team from the VR for Good by Oculus program, representing CARE, Oculus, and Matter Unlimited.

About the Skoll World Forum
The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is the premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Our mission is to accelerate the impact of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by uniting them with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage, and large-scale social change.

[Update: the Forum was a great success! This post has been updated with a photo of our panel.]