Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá (Neither Here nor There)

Exploration into the relationship between El Salvador and the United States.

There is a specter haunting El Salvadoran memory. Lasting legacies of colonialism, starting with the Spanish conquistadors, leading to the erasure of indigenous identity, class inequity and bloodshed, have left this small Central American country hollow. Instead of retaining its own identity, El Salvador has taken on that of its imperial master, the United States.

This work is an investigation of the liminal spaces produced by the repressed histories of place in El Salvador and the United States. An installation of artifacts, sound, video, and architectural elements provokes questions which unravel the narratives of economic, social, and technological progress. Colonial histories have left El Salvador void of a core cultural identity. In particular, the relationship between the USA and El Salvador has produced many neighborhoods and places within each country that reveal minimal economic and cultural differences. This installation represents the spatial slippage between the two countries. For many immigrants, this liminal space between two points is home; an identity that is felt to be ni de aquí, ni de allá (neither here nor there).

Role: Director
Collaborator: Joe Larios
Year: 2014

  • Neither Here Nor There