Southside Stories Audio Walk

Interactive audio walk into the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

See the city with fresh eyes. Experience Southside Stories, an immersive audio journey into the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York featuring the residents of Williamsburg’s Southside Community.

Walking the streets of the Southside—a square mile area nestled around the base of the Williamsburg Bridge—one bears witness to its sometimes violent past and struggles, but also to the strong sense of community and cultural pride that emerges.

The audio walk features stories from the neighborhood’s recent history as a predominantly Latino neighborhood juxtaposed to a landscape rapidly undergoing transformation and synonymous with hipster culture. The walk encourages a reinvigorated sense of discovery, wonder and responsibility in participants’ relationship with the city.

Through the walk’s 35-minute route, participants unravel the stories of people and places. Stories from residents are peppered with instructions for audience members to take off their headphones, go into local businesses and interact with locals. Participants are given permission to go into places they may normally wouldn’t. Binaural audio recordings create an immersive landscape that transforms sense of time and place.

Amid exponentially increasing rents and changing businesses, the experience reveals how residents preserve a sense of identity, community and connection to “home” while almost no neighborhood demographic in New York City stays the same for more than 60 years. The walk will encourage conversations between newcomers and long-term residents about the community’s past, present and future.

Additional Materials: Press Kit & Postcard
Awards: Supported by Media Rise and the New York State Council on the Arts’ Electronic Media and Film Finishing Funds grant program.
Role: Project Director, audio editor, designer (experience, print + web), web developer
Selected Press: Fast Company, Hyperallergic, NY Times, Helena Blackstone Blog.
Presentations: Brown University (Providence, RI, 2015), Made in NY Media Center by IFP (Brooklyn, NY 2015), BRIC (Brooklyn, NY 2015), Bloomfield College (Bloomfield, NJ, 2015), Storycode (New York, NY, 2014), Fordham University (New York, NY, 2014), UnionDocs (Brooklyn, NY, 2013), Creative Time Summit (New York, NY, 2013).

This project is part of Living Los Sures, a UnionDocs Collaborative Production.

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