Women on the Move

Virtual reality and 360-degree video for humanitarian agency CARE.

In Women on the Move, experience the intimacy of rural Niger with Fatchima and her granddaughter, Nana. Fatchima unlocked a better future for women in her village through an empowerment program that is upending the culture of child marriage and gender discrimination. Viewers stand tall with these women as they save money, support each other, and insist on education for children such as Nana. This is a rare glimpse into what’s possible when women band together and are inspired to change.

Background: In June 2016, I was selected for the 360 for Good Bootcamp by Oculus at the Facebook HQ. They paired me with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, to tell their story through 360-degree video and virtual reality. A month later we were in Niger, West Africa filming the story of a family’s life that had been changed by CARE’s Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). The resulting project has been given $100k in Facebook credits, debuted at the Oculus House during Sundance Film Festival and will have a world premiere at SXSW. In March 2017, the project will be fully released and available on the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Facebook 360 platforms.

URL: VR for Good by Oculus
Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor
Presentations: SXSW Film + Interactive, Sundance Film Festival Oculus House, Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, Atlanta Film Festival, Skoll World Forum

  • Photo by Josh Estey/CARE
  • Photo by Josh Estey/CARE
  • Photo by Josh Estey/CARE
  • Photo by Josh Estey/CARE